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Live Streaming


Live video streaming offers new opportunities and makes events accessible to a wider audience.
We can help you reach a global audience in real time and effectively engage your viewers - wherever they are.

New to live streaming? No problem, we are here to help.

At Event Video Pro, we will take care of all the technical aspects, so you can focus on your event. Our live streaming solutions are ideal for small to medium-sized events, whether virtual or hybrid.

Curious to learn more about live streaming and how it works? 
FAQ: What is Live Streaming?

Event Filming

Event Filming

We can film your event with multiple cameras
and integrate presentation slides.

Vision Mixing

Vision Mixing

Switching between sources leads to better user experience. Vision mixing is like editing - but in real time.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Viewers will be able to follow the live stream by accessing it through a device with internet connection.

All-in-One Live Video Streaming Solutions

At Event Video Pro, we provide live streaming services you can depend on. Our webcasting solutions cover everything you need.

We can live stream your event with multiple cameras. Presentation slides can also be embedded. Using multiple video sources to switch between can greatly enhance user experience. For this reason, our typical setup includes 2-3 cameras including a live production switcher. For small and medium-size events, a team of two (one camera operator and a vision mixer) is usually sufficient. This way the camera operator can focus on what is being filmed while the vision mixer and technician takes care of the live stream and makes sure everything runs smooth. 

We support a variety of streaming platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Periscope and other third party social media platforms. For private events, the most cost-effective options are Skype and Zoom where you have closed groups that people can join by invitation only. We can also broadcast to other dedicated streaming platforms that seamlessly integrate into your website and offer you more control over your content. 

We take care of all the technical aspects, making sure your live stream can be enjoyed by a global audience.

Live streaming is suitable for a wide range of events including:

  • Webinars
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Panel Discussions & Debates
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings
  • Press Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Special Occasions

Benefits of Live Video Streaming:

  • Powerful Content Marketing Tool
  • Unlimited Audience Reach
  • Cost-effective in Implementation
  • Real-time Engagement & Interaction
  • Better Audience Management
  • Strong Sales Conversions
  • Opens Up New Monetization Opportunities
  • Helps Building Trust
  • Easy & Convenient for Viewers
  • Analytics Tracking

Online streaming is one of the fastest growing industries. It has revolutionised the way the consume video content.