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Presentation Filming

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Are you planning to have your talk or presentation filmed so that others can watch it later in its entirety?
From single-camera setups to multi-camera shoots, we are experts in filming presentations.

Professional videography ensures that your presentation video will be of the highest quality and well received by your target audience. Our team has many years of experience in filming events of all sizes. From small boardrooms to large conference centres – to get the best result, it’s important to plan your shoot and provide the production team with all relevant information, so they can advise you on the best filming approach. 

We can film your talk with just one camera or provide a multi-camera setup and add additional camera angles to enhance user experience.

In addition to the typical close-up of the speaker, we can get a wide shot to capture the overall atmosphere. We often also position a camera on the side in the front of the room to grab audience reactions. The best thing about this setup is that in most cases there is no need for an additional camera operator. Of course, if you would like us to capture more diverse shots or audience questions, then we would bring along a second camera operator. However, if you are aiming for the most cost-effective solution, a static wide shot can do the trick.

We can integrate presentation slides, create a picture-in-picture effect or simply cut back and forth between the different shots.

For live demonstrations, we can also offer screen recording.

And if you are expecting a big crowd, we can provide a live feed for the big screen – so that those in the back can see as well.

Whatever approach you decide on, we will make sure to capture your presentation in its entirety.

What We can Do for You?

  • Single or Multi-Camera Setups
  • Integration of Presentation Slides
  • Screen Recording
  • Picture-in Picture Effect
  • High-Quality Audio Recording
  • Live Feed for the Big Screen
  • Event Live Streaming
Presentation Filming in London & UK

Why work with a Professional Video Production Company?

Hiring a professional video production company to help you out with your film project means that you don't need to worry about the technical aspects.
It takes away the stress, frees you up and allows you to focus on the event itself.

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Complete Packages

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Benefits of Presentation Filming

Presentation videos are relatively simple to create and therefore very cost-effective in the making.

Not everyone will be able to attend your event. Providing viewers with the opportunity to watch the presentation later, allows you to reach a wider audience. In addition, it enables your visitors to recap key points and share the video with colleagues and other interested people.

Presentations are the ideal tool to communicate important information and get your message across.

Capturing a talk on video creates longevity and helps to increase visibility.

Presentation videos are a great asset to a website and can be used to promote future events.

By the way, short excerpts of the key points are also great for marketing.