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Promotional Videos


Promo videos are ideal for online marketing – the perfect tool for advertising, both informative and entertaining.
They are the most commonly produced videos and extremely effective at bringing your brand to life.

What is a Promotional Video?

Promo videos obviously serve a specific purpose: They are used to promote a product, service, the brand itself, a campaign or an event.

The term "promo video" or "promotional video" covers a variety of videos including company profiles, highlight videos, case studies and documentaries.

Promotional videos are a powerful marketing tool and by far the most effective form of digital marketing available. Businesses use them to drive consumer engagement, increase online visibility and brand awareness. The most successful promo videos are those that connect with the target audience. These videos are often similar in style to a teaser but they usually tend to be longer (up to a maximum of 4 minutes).

Corporate Video vs. Promotional Video – What’s the Difference?

How can a Promo Video Help Your Business?

Stand out from the competition

Humanise your brand by featuring real people

Improve search visibility

Give your visitors something to share on social media

Keep traffic on your website and make visitors stay longer

Connect with your target audience

Increase brand awareness

Video is one of the best ways to capture attention and engage your audience.