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who we are

Our team is made up of talented and creative individuals with a variety of skills including producing, directing, cinematography (camera & lighting), editing and sound.

Let’s go behind the scenes and meet the team – because every person has a story to tell. We don’t like standing in front of camera but we have other qualities.

I am an enthusiastic dreamer and a fighter at heart, driven by curiosity and passion.

In today’s world, you have to be a little crazy, and to me normal is boring anyway. Start small, think big. What I like most about my job is that provides me with the opportunity to take part in different events and activities that would normally be beyond my reach.

I particularly enjoy making films that inspire thought.
My interests include travelling and screenwriting.

Pia Storck MSc

Self-shooting Producer/Director & Editor

  • 10+ years experience as camera operator for live events
  • Experienced working on live programmes in multi-camera studio environments and on a variety of other productions ranging from corporate and promotional videos to short films, music videos, documentaries
  • Master’s degree in Digital Media and Filmmaking
  • Good knowledge of lighting and sound recording
  • Proficient in Adobe CC
  • Special interest in screenwriting

She has an eye for detail and thrives in creative and challenging environments.

I never expected to spend as much time in a science lab as I do, or learning about computer languages, or meeting high up ministers from countries I'd barely heard of. But that's the beauty of filming: Spending time in different environments, meeting new people and trying to get the best out of them on camera.



  • 10+ years of industry experience
  • Specialised in conference and presentation filming
  • Good knowledge of lighting, green screen and interview setups
  • Experience in crew and production management

Videography is a funny old business. In my career so far, I've already travelled the world filming CEOs and finance directors, covered political rallies and terrorist attacks as a journalist, edited and presented TV programmes, and filmed countless conferences and presentations. I'm lucky I get to do what I love.

Bring on the next project!


Videographer & Editor

  • 10 years industry experience
  • Specialised in conference and event filming
  • Experienced in studio lighting and interview lighting
  • Degree in Digital Filmmaking
  • Registered AVID certified Instructor
  • Proficient with Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro,
    After Effects & Da Vinci Resolve

I am a man of a few words, fully committed to every project I work on - from planning to delivering the final piece. I get the job done with an agreeable calm thrown in absolutely free of charge and am equally happy filming or being locked away in a dark edit room.


Videographer & Editor

  • 10+ years experience in film and video production
  • Strong background in live event and portrait photography
  • Masters degree in Contemporary Film Practice
  • Very good knowledge of Adobe CC and Final Cut Pro
  • Experienced working with children, fire and stunts,
    and on multi-camera productions

I always have the urge to travel and experience new adventures, so working in this industry has enabled me to combine this longing with my passion for filming. I love working on projects that allow me to improve my skills and I thrive on new challenges and the uniqueness of each project I am involved in.


Production Assistant

  • Experience in filming conferences and award ceremonies, as well as assisting on a variety of other productions
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Special interest in photography
  • BA (Hons) in Film and Television Production