The Centre for Genetic & Reproductive Health

The Centre for Genetic & Reproductive Health

CRGH commissioned us to create a promotional video for them to introduce the clinic and give an overview of the services offered.

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (also known as CRGH) is one of the top-rated fertility clinics in the UK. They asked us to come up with a concept to showcase the clinic and philosophy in a way that would build trust and raise interest in the clinic’s services. After an initial meeting to discuss ideas, we decided to put the focus on the patient’s journey. By telling the story of a couple undergoing treatment to achieve their dream of a family, we gave a human face to the procedure of undergoing IVF treatment. Through this narrative, we wanted to introduce members of staff and show the clinic’s facilities.

Respecting patient confidentiality was very important. For that reason, we casted actors for the role of the patients. Filming took place over a period of three days because we had to work around the availability of doctors and restricted access to certain facilities during working hours. We shot several interviews with members of staff as well as b-roll footage to to enrich the story.

In addition, we filmed a couple of standalone interviews with doctors about specific topics.