I am the Bar: A Bar of all, for all

The Bar Council

The General Council of the Bar, also known as the Bar Council, is the Approved Regulator of the Bar representing barristers in England and Wales.

When they launched their award-winning campaign “I am the Bar,” we were asked to create a video that would profile barristers from under-represented backgrounds and promote fair access to the Bar.

The aim of this video was to encourage those from non-traditional backgrounds to consider a career in the profession. For this purpose, we interviewed barristers who had recently joined the campaign and asked them to share their stories. Because we weren’t allowed show them in the court room, there was a limited amount of b-roll footage that we could capture. We therefore decided to shoot each interview in a different location and tried to get a few shots of each person in the premises of the Inns of Courts.

The feedback we received from the client was overwhelmingly positive:

“Pia did an excellent job on a video for us and helped bring our vision to life. Really quick process and beautifully shot. She was a pleasure to work with and we are hugely grateful!”