Corporate Video vs. Promotional Video – What’s the Difference?

A promotional video or promo video is a type of video used to promote a product, service or the brand itself.

It can be a short teaser, a company profile, a product video or a video that celebrates an achievement. Promo videos can be used to inform about future events or to reflect on the success of a past event. They can offer insight into company culture, tell your brand’s story or show how something works. Case studies and testimonials also fall under this category.

Promotional video is really just an umbrella term, like corporate video.

In the end, both terms are often used interchangeably to describe a variety of videos. There are only slight differences.

So, what’s a corporate video?

While promo videos are obviously used for promotional purposes, corporates focus on the business itself and advocate the company as a whole. They are mainly used to improve brand awareness and customer engagement. Because of that, documentaries and social responsibility videos also make great corporate videos.

The ultimate goal of promotional videos is to drive sales.

Don’t worry, even filmmakers get the terms confused a lot. Whether you are interested in a corporate or promo video, we’ll discuss the goals and requirements with you before we start planning the shoot. This way, we ensure that we know exactly what the finished video needs to achieve.